Karin Forsell

Accessibility expert and journalist

I am a journalist who specializes in language preservation and spreading knowledge about plain language and easy-to-read Swedish.

Accessibility has been a common thread throughout my working life, starting in 1988 when I started working at the Assistive Technology Institute by chance.

I have previously worked with communications. Including

  • as one of the initiators of TeleTal
  • as a Speech Service Interpreter
  • as a text telephone interpreter in various projects about comprehensible and accessible social information.

In recent years, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with many libraries, and contributed to improving the cognitive accessibility of the libraries.

A passion is to educate and lecture. My driving force is to get the participants to leave the room with new insights. Insights that affect not only their work but also life in general.

Accessibility is about the fact that we are human - and that all humans are unique.