Mia Larsdotter

Expert analyst and PhD candidate

Disability issues in various forms have been a present perspective for most of my life, both at work and privately.

I am a journalist and photographer by profession, but also have academic training in sociology, languages ​​(English and Lithuanian) and disability issues, mainly from a societal perspective. I have previously, among other things, worked as an assistant/carer for children with complex needs, for several of the functional rights movement's member newspapers and with technical aids for alternative communication, at a special school in Lithuania.

I am one of the founders and co-owner of Begripsam AB.

At Begripsam, I mainly work with translations and analyses. I am also Begripsam's doctoral student at Lund University/Certec, where I study social processes and political decisions regarding function/obstacles.

I like to spend my free time knitting, photography and long walks in the north of England.