Article published 9 May 2023

Our research is being presented at NNDR 2023

Stefan Johansson, PhD, and Maria (Mia) Larsdotter, PhD Candidate, present their abstracts at NNDR 2023 Conference, arranged by the Nordic Network on Disability Research.

This is the the 16th conference and it takes place between May 10 to May 12 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Presentations on May 11

User participation in co-design of eHealth – the ‘extreme user’ perspective developed by the research program Co-design for Accessibility (CoDeAc)

The aim of this presentation is to describe how we, as part of the research program Co-design for Accessibility (CoDeAc), have developed methods for accessible and fair user participation by people with impairment in co-design processes.

Presented by. Catharina Gustavsson, PhD, Uppsala University, Falun, Sweden and Stefan Johansson, PhD, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Begripsam, Stockholm, Sweden

Not a word spoken of sign language in the Swedish parliament on 14 May 1981: Discrepancies and contradictions in legislative documents on sign language usage

Sweden is often known for an early acceptance of Sign language as the first language of the deaf. Something happened in the Swedish parliament on 14 May 1981, which has later been described as an official recognition of Swedish Sign Language (STS).

Presented by: Maria (Mia) Larsdotter, PhD Candidate, Lund University, Lund and Begripsam, Sweden.

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