About us

Photo: Mia Larsdotter

Photo: Mia Larsdotter

Begripsam's aim is to make society more accessible. Above all, we work on increasing accessibility for people with cognitive difficulties.

Begripsam started in September 2016. We are both a member association and a consultancy company. We want to contribute to universally designed products and services that meet the needs of all users:

  • We develop and apply methods so that everyone, regardless of ability, can participate and influence how products and services should be designed.
  • We do research and we develop and perform usability tests. We hold seminars, lectures, training courses and lead workshops.
  • We are active within both Swedish and European standardization processes.
  • We regularly carry out tests to improve the accessibility of products and services, websites, apps, texts, and the like. Since the pandemic, most collaboration is done digitally - and it is going at least as well!
  • We run our own projects and participate in collaborative projects with others.
  • We are experts on inventory of libraries, to help them become both cognitively and physically accessible to everyone.

In the picture

Here are some of us in the member organisation and in the company:

From left to right: Charles Löfblad, Sonia Gunnarsdotter, Louise Tengstrand, Max Bullerjahn, Anita Hildén, Cecilia Olsson, Viktor Lundqvist, Hans Hammarlund, Tommy Hagström, Annika Johansson, Michael Wallón, Kerstin Ivarson Ahlstrand, Stefan Johansson, Simon Sjöholm, Hussein Mohammed Ali, Karin Forsell, Peder Johansson. Seated from left to right: Melvin Löfblad, Anette Green, Joakim Uppsäll Sjögren, Frida Lundin, Camilla Lucchesi Jingåker, Malin Lucchesi