The member organisation Begripsam

The member organisation Begripsam works in close collaboration with the company Begripsam.

Together, we have developed methods so that people who usually find it difficult to take part in various design processes, can participate. Above all, we work with intermediaries and intermediary technology. That way, we can provide human and/or technical support to those who need it.

With its own funds and with support from the SKA council, the member association has developed a standard for cognitive accessibility.

Otherwise, the activities are financed by workshops for customers and organizations in connection with member meetings, four times a year. We collaborate with, among others, the Employment Service, the Tax Agency, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and the Agency for Accessible Media.

The member association Begripsam was formed as a follow-up of the Begripsam Project, completed in 2016.

Completed projects

2019-2022, Digikog, cognitive accessible digital products and services (in Swedish)

Members of the board 2023

Joakim Uppsäll-Sjögren, chair
Simon Sjöholm, economy
Peder Johansson
Hussein Mohammed Ali
Viktor Lundqvist
Louise Tengstrand, secretary
Tania Laserna Vargas

Organisation number 802502–5373.




The original Begripsam Project was a three-year project financed by the Swedish Inheritance Fund (Allmänna Arvsfonden). The project was run by the Dyslexia Association, the Swedish National Association for People with Intellectual Disability and the Autism and Asperger Association (as of 2023 re-named Autism Sverige).

During the project, the participants worked, among other things, on developing a new international standard for cognitive accessibility. Both the member association and Begripsam AB continue this work.

The standard is available for purchase, with a Swedish translation:

Cognitive accessibility - Part 1: General guidelines (ISO 21801-1:2020), opens a new page External link, opens in new window.