User participiation and testing

We offer workshops with the aim that designers, developers and users meet; in conversations, evaluations, analyses, tests and Q&A sessions. We provide the conditions for mutual learning and understanding.

A collaboration with us means that we:

  • recruit suitable test persons and intermediaters
  • prepare the test persons and give them the conditions they need to perform the test
  • create test tasks and test scenarios
  • perform the test
  • analyze and report the test result

User participation is the foundation of all our work. We work closely with the member association Begripsam where the members are experts, with their own experience and good knowledge of accessibility and usability.

We also have several networks of experts and organizations.

Our methods

We have well-developed methods for doing tests both individually and in groups. The methods are based on both our own and others' research. Our own research focuses on inclusive methods. Methods that involve persons with impairments in the development of products and services. The methods draw on:

  • Action Research
  • Participatory Design
  • Value Sensitive Design.

Of course, we also work on the basis of current guidelines and standards for design, as well as the principles behind Universal Design.

User testing

We distinguish between user testing and user participation. We do tests to find out, for example, whether solution A is better than solution B. Or to see if tasks can be solved in an intended way.

User participation

User participation is about ensuring that the basic ideas and concepts understand and take into account the users' needs and conditions.


In our activities, we use so-called intermediators. An intermediator is a person who ensures that the test person is able to perform the test in the best possible way. This means, among other things, reminding, helping the person to get to and from the test room and creating security in the test situation. We are also involved as intermediaries in digital tests or online workshops.


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