Co-researchers and testers

Begripsam's mission and research is based on collaboration with many different fellow researchers and testers. We see it as exploring the world together.

In many of our research projects, co-creative and participatory methods are central. We usually think it is best if you can work together and give everyone the opportunity to contribute to important research. This have effect on what research we choose to engage in.

Groups of people are recruited for each project. Which ones it is depends on the purpose of the project.

Fellow researchers

Mora Folkhögskola and the course Anpassad IT (Adapted IT )is an important contact and together we have carried out a number of different projects and tests. People who participate in the course are offered to become co-researchers in a group led by Stefan Johansson. The group meets several times a year to discuss current issues, test things or investigate things.

Elever på kursen Anpassad IT, Mora folkhögskola