Research areas

We research how we can use design to create a society for everyone. We are particularly interested in how people with cognitive difficulties can more easily participate in the digital society.

We are also interested in understanding more about why society is not better at creating conditions for everyone to be able to participate.

Our overall research area is about comprehensibility and what makes it easier to be a citizen of a society, a participant in a community, a customer in a business relationship or in any context.

We conduct research in the field of Human Computer Interaction. The interaction between us humans and our computers can be influenced with the help of design. We see it as possible to design, to design, a world that is accessible to everyone. To do that, a focus on accessibility and universal design is needed.

We also research more generally about society and social change by investigating what it is that shapes what is prevailing thinking at a certain time or what is considered should be done or is possible to do.

We also do research on comprehensible language and how information can be made more comprehensible.