Mia Larsdotter

Mia Larsdotter

Photo: Simon Holender

Mia Larsdotter is our PhD candidate at the Center for Rehabilitation Technology, Certec, LTH/ Lund University.

With Per-Olof Hedvall as main supervisor, she studies disability issues and disability research in relation to citizenship, social structure and power processes.

The working title reads "Why nothing ever changes" - What stands in the way of social change?

Mia has a solid background in both the NGO disability movement as well as studies and professional work in care and assistance, photography and journalism.

She has worked in short-term housing for children with extensive support needs, as well as reporter, photographer and editor for daily press, trade union press and membership magazines within the disabled peoples' rights movement. She has conducted research and development projects on themes such as structural discrimination, in Lithuania.

Her academic major is within Sociology, as well as language studies and holds a master's degree in Disability Studies.

The broad experience is also the entrance to the research assignment.

- In my work, for almost 30 years, I have seen the same questions being asked over and over again: How is it to live with... How do we improve... How do we solve the problem with... We need more knowledge about... I wonder what this says in the way of implementation. Why don't the questions eventually lose their relevance? questions Mia.

Mia has her own lived experience of, as she puts it, "from both inside and outside", which will be an asset in the doctoral studies.

- To be able to use every little thing in a rather sprawling CV, that's awesome! "It all makes sense". Yes, even the holes in the resume have suddenly become valuable. My life experience shows that an individual is rarely either outside or included in society and that social position is not a static relationship. What can affect changes in social position, or prevent them, is what I want to explore, says Mia Larsdotter.

The postgraduate training is financed by and takes place within the framework of employment at Begripsam and with support from the Center for Clinical Research Dalarna.


Mia Larsdotter